Zoom Is Easy: That’s Why It’s Dangerous

Everyone is aware of Zoom now, As we have covered a few news about zoom that it has some issues with its security. Zoom does not have an end to end encryption that’s why there are many issues coming up with Zoom app.

Why Everyone is banning Zoom app

Zoom Is Easy: That's Why It’s Dangerous
Zoom Is Easy: That’s Why It’s Dangerous

Due to COVID-19, We have seen an increase in Zoom app download. It has crossed 100M+ download on play store and you can see so many people are using zoom app for online classes, Meeting and much more.

Zoom app is easy to use just one click and you are done, You do not have to do a lot to join any new meeting. You can click on invite link and boom you will enter into the meeting. Not only this there is not so much security in meetings also.

End to End Encryption Explained :

We do have heard this term in Whatsapp end to end encryption in that the data travel from one user to another user in encrypted form. But in zoom end to end encryption is not available so if anyone can hack your data from the server they can view everything.

Recently many companies, Governments and government agencies and Educational institutions have banned zoom app here you can check the list.

  • Google, SpaceX and Smart Communications have banned Zoom even the google have advised its users to use google duo or google meet (Google Hangout).
  • Taiwan has banned Zoom for use by all government agencies. After Taiwan NASA, The German Foreign Ministry, The United States Senate and The Australian Defense Force has restricted all their employees and members to use Zoom.
  • Clark County Public Schools in Nevada and New York City’s Department of Education have banned Zoom and they have advised students to switch to Microsoft Skype or Google Meet.

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