Zoom 5.0 Launched With Improved Security: Check Details!

You might be familiar with the Zoom app, a video conferencing app used by millions of people. Many of the user’s data got hacked from the Zoom app. So, now the app has brought a new update with improved security and much more features. This week, Zoom 5.0 update will be out.

Zoom 5.0 released, promises better security, tighter encryption.


The Zoom app is bringing its biggest update with so many improvements and features. The new update is called Zoom 5.0, which has got a security icon to the group and all the privacy and app security-related features.

Earlier, Zoom has announced about the 90-day freeze on the development of the features. Now, the Zoom video conferencing app allows the users to lock meetings, remove participants from a meeting and use password protection for meetings.

The new update Zoom 5.0 will be available to all the users from this week, and some of the features are already shown in the app.

Zoom 5.0 will enable passwords for the users like Basic, single-license Pro and K-12 customers. Moreover, the admins of administered accounts can define a password like special characters and alphanumeric. And the admins can decide the length of the password to access the voicemail.

The passwords are turned on by default for cloud recordings, but the admins can set the password. In addition, the hosts will be able to report a participant if there is an issue. And the students can see the screen sharing option by default.

In the new update, many activities, including Zoom-bombing, are minimised. The waiting rooms are regularised in this update. However, this feature is already there in the app, but now Zoom has enabled it by default for Basic, education, and single-pro license accounts.
All the users can enable waiting room while they are in a meeting. And the contact sharing is also improved as it allows the large organisations to link contacts with multiple accounts so the user can easily search and find meetings, chat and contacts.

Zoom is increasing the encryption level on the app with AES 256-bit GCM standard. This is a huge improvement from the earlier TLS encryption standard. However, E2E encryption is still not available for the Zoom app. Zoom has said on its website that it supports an end to end encryption, but then it clarified that it was applicable only to the text conversations.

Zoom said,

“This provides confidentiality and integrity assurances on your Zoom Meeting, Zoom Video Webinar, and Zoom Phone data”.

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