Youtube Gets Two-Finger Double Tap Gesture to Skip Chapters

In the new update of YouTube, the app gets a new gesture to skip chapters in the video. It allows you to skip, move forward, or backward to the chapter in the video by using a two-finger double-tap gesture. 

However, you must remember that this new feature will work only if the content provider has defined the chapters in the video’s description.

Now Skip YouTube Video Chapters by Two-Finger Double Tap Gesture

Youtube Gets Two-Finger Double Tap Gesture to Skip Chapters

A Reddit user named (@u/magnatronmusic31) was the first to discover the new two-finger double feature. The user said there’s one new addition in Youtube video to skip video chapters by double-tapping with two fingers. The new feature of skipping the video chapter is available for both Android and iOS users.

To use the new double-tap gesture, you need to remember that when you double-tap on the right side of the video screen, you will go to the next chapter. And when the user double-tap on the left side, it will take you to the previous chapter.

This new gesture is a part of a server-wide update so that it will reach all the users soon; just keep the app updated to the latest version.

Earlier this week, YouTube brought a slide-to-seek feature to scrub the videos easier than before. You need to drag to hold and slide the finger over the seek bar to forward or backward the video. A Reddit user u/FragmentedChicken spotted the new gesture where you just long-press anywhere on the video and drag the finger on the screen to start scrubbing.

Already there are many gestures available in the app including, double-tap on the screen to skip 10 seconds, swipe up to enter full screen, swipe down to exit the full screen, and more.

The new features on the YouTube app are still in the roll-out phase, so if you haven’t received have patience and wait for the app to get updated to the latest version.

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