This week, Google’s YouTube informed about a change in policy which is a discontinuation of the subscriptions which is purchased from Apple’s in-app payments. It is now forcing the users to subscribe to the channel or cancel the service. YouTube TV is a live-channel streaming service from Google. It will not make Google the latest tech giant to remove from the payment system, which is built in the iOS apps as the system has complained about its fees.

YouTube TV to Stop Apple in-app payments

YouTube TV To Cancel Subscriptions Purchased From App Store In March
YouTube TV To Cancel Subscriptions Purchased From App Store In March

As per the news, the letter was sent to Youtube TV customers who said, from March 13, the company will not accept payments for subscriptions through Apple’s in-app system.

In a statement, a YouTube Spokeswoman said, “YouTube TV no longer supports in-app purchases on iOS”. Apple is still an important partner for YouTube, and the users can still enjoy their favourite content on iOS devices.

However, Apple did not respond immediately to the request. In the customer service emails, YouTube TV said that on March 13 it will end payments done through Apple system. For example, if your account is paying a monthly bill from Apple, then that account will be cancelled on the first billing date after March 13, until the new form of payment is set up.

According to MacRumors, the current members of the service can watch YouTube TV content on their Apple devices. The service is not pulled off from the App store.

YouTube did not clarify the change in policy properly, but Apple automatically takes 30% of in-app payments of the first year’s worth of fees, dropping down to 15%.

All the YouTube customers pay $54.99 per month on Apple devices. But, now, YouTube has put a halt to new subscriptions which are made through in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad.


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