YouTube TV App will Soon Let Users to Download Content for Offline Access

In a normal YouTube app of mobile devices, it allows you to download content in the app for offline access. But this feature was not available in the YouTube TV app, however, this will be changed as soon the app will let the users download any content for offline viewing.

Download Your Favourite Content on YouTube TV App

YouTube TV App will Soon Let Users to Download Content for Offline Access

According to the latest reports, the YouTube TV app on Android will soon get an update of version 5.06.2. After you open an app, it will make a system notification that reads “Looking for Incomplete downloads”. This is similar to the YouTube and YouTube music apps.

As of now, the download feature is not yet available, but it is for sure that the function will come soon with the latest release of the app. There will be various restrictions on how long the content is available offline and still it is not clear that how much content can be downloaded.

The strings in the app confirm the offline download feature. When your device will not have an active internet connection, YouTube TV will alert you and take you to a download page to see what’s there. When you watch a show, you will see a download button. It is said that the feature is most likely coming on both Android and iOS.

Apart from this, there are many Streaming services available like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, HBO, etc. Almost all of these services allow you to download content to watch it offline. And now, even YoutTube TV is working on this feature.

Google has already started rolling out version 5.06.2 for YouTube TV on Google Play Store. So, you don’t need to wait for so long as the new feature will be available soon for all the users.

These days, streaming services have become so popular that most of them use it to watch their favorite movies, series, and TV shows.

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