YouTube Plans To Reduce Recommendations Of Hindi Videos Which Spread Conspiracy Theories

YouTube is planning to add Hindi Support which reduces the recommendations and visibility of content, which spreads conspiracy theory. This new change is designed for the Indian market, especially.

YouTube Cuts Recommendations of Hindi Videos

YouTube Plans To Reduce Recommendations Of Hindi Videos Which Spread Conspiracy Theories
YouTube Plans To Reduce Recommendations Of Hindi Videos Which Spread Conspiracy Theories

This change will be an extension to the new move which allows cutting down the video recommendations which spreads misinformation in harmful ways. It is called “borderline” content. With the new change, YouTube is trying to address the concern of the user by limiting the content which spreads conspiracies and fake information on the platform.

Neal Mohan, the Chief Product Officer said, YouTube has already started reducing the recommendations of borderline content in English, and the company is now planning to cut the borderline content in Hindi also.

Last year, in January, YouTube started reducing the content which spreads misinformation like promoting videos for a miracle cure for serious illness. However, it was first limited to the US market, and then it expanded to Japan, New Zealand, Australia and much more. Moreover, the new update then reached to other languages like Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. Later on, the company claimed that it saw a 70% average drop in the watch time of such content.

At the time of the video conference, the Chief Product Officer said, that YouTube made over 30 changes to its recommendation last year. This change is not against the policies of the company but “might be harmful misinformation” which could impact the lives of viewers.

In India, Language is a difficulty for YouTube to limit videos which are created to get views and spread misinformation. However, the content rating team has already covered many languages in the country.

Neal Mohan said,

“One of my big goals is to continue to expand and deepen that language coverage for all our raters. We also work very closely on our content policies with organisations in India to make sure that our policies and our enforcement guidelines reflect the specific conditions in India so that we can quickly act on content that might be violated on our platform.”

Mohan also told that the team had ramped up it’s the hiring of bringing the number of people across Google focusing on moderation issues to 10,000. To reduce deleterious content automatically, the Software-level is also getting changed in the background.

Neal Mohan also said that the moderators are working in “24-seven, ‘follow the sun’ model” who makes sure that the content is on the level.

YouTube says that it removed over 8,20,000 videos in India between January and March 2020.

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