YouTube Brings New Gesture to Scrub Videos Faster

The video-sharing app Youtube gets a new drag and hold gesture for scrubbing through a video. Earlier, if you remember, the mobile app YouTube allowed you to tap anywhere in the seek bar to skip a particular part of the video.

However, at present, you need to drag to hold and slide the finger over the seek bar to forward or backward the video. But now, it looks like things will be changing soon. Google might bring back the feature in the form of a gesture.

YouTube’s New Drag & Hold Gesture for Scrubbing Videos

YouTube's New Drag & Hold Gesture for Scrubbing Videos

Youtube is testing a gesture in the Android app for easier video scrubbing. The feature was first spotted by a Reddit user u/FragmentedChicken; it said Youtube is rolling out a new slide to seek gestures that let you easily navigate the video. The user also said that the feature is available on the YouTube Android app version 16.20.35.

Using the new gesture on Youtube is pretty simple, just long-press anywhere on the video and drag the finger on the screen to start scrubbing. At present, there is a two-step process where you need to first click on the screen to show the seek bar and then slide your finger on the line.

Already the users can double-tap on the video screen to skip 10 seconds; to enter full screen, you can swipe up and down to exit, and double-tap with two-finger to skip the video chapters.

The new slide to seek gesture on YouTube mobile is rolling out. You can check it out on your phone’s Youtube app. As it is working on my phone running YouTube version 16.31.35.

If you haven’t got the feature, then update the app to the latest version from the Google Play Store. The new gesture is also available on the iOS app, so if you are an iPhone user, update the app from App Store.

Have you received the new gesture in the YouTube App?

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