Your Device Can Be Hacked By Sending A GIF On WhatsApp

Almost everyone who uses whatsapp must be using the GIF feature that adds weight to our dull and boring text messages. Although, you can also send stickers, but GIF has always been a first choice to convey something in the form of a picture with text. But a recent Whatsapp GIF Bug can give hackers access to your data if you send a GIF to your contacts.

Vulnerability In GIF source Gives Remote Access of your Chats & Media To Hackers

A double-free memory corruption bug, which goes by the name CVE-2019-11932, is present in the open-source GIF platform that is integrated with the Whatsapp application, the bug is not in the Whatsapp’s source code.

The bug works in a very tricky manner, when you receive a GIF and open it or send it to others in your contact list, the hacker can easily get remote access to your device and perform operations on his own. Security research Awakened on Github explained the whole procedure.

Are you safe from this Vulnerability?

As per the resources, the Vulnerability was present in Whatsapp’s Android version. Those who are still on Whatsapp version 2.19.230 are still a victim of the attack. You can go to the play store and check the version of the Whatsapp installed in your device.

Your Device Can Be Hacked By Sending A GIF On WhatsApp
Your Device Can Be Hacked By Sending A GIF On WhatsApp

If you find updating apps a waste of time, then you should definitely check the version of whatsapp installed in your device and enable automatic updates for Whatsapp. The exploit works for devices using Android 8.1 and 9.0, not for devices with Android 8.0 and below.

Whatsapp’s statement regarding the Vulnerability

As per the Whatsapp’s spokesperson, the Vulnerability could occur only when the user takes any action to the corrupted GIF file. The whole issue was resolved as soon as it was reported, and there is no reason to believe that any of the users were harmed due to this Vulnerability in Whatsapp. The team always works to provide the latest security updates and features to its users, say the Spokesperson of Whatsapp.

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