You Can Buy This 128 GB Smartphone only at 77$

The smartphone industry is growing very faster. We have seen phones with 1 Gb storage also and 1024 GB storage even. But there are always issues with prices. Suddenly here the new company has launched its 128 GB smartphone at a low price.

Santin Mix 2 128GB Smartphone is The Cheapest yet with 128 GB Storage

You Can Buy This 128 GB Smartphone only at 77$
You Can Buy This 128 GB Smartphone only at 77$

We have got this news from Ali-Express. This phone is getting sold at 77 USD only on Ali-Express. This smartphone is a clone of Mi Mix 2. Mi Mix 2 is the latest phone of Mix series.

In this phone, you get all the necessary features as you look for in any standard smartphone. But at this price, you should not expect so many things from it. But at this price, you get something which no one can think of.

Santin Mix 2 has all the features which we have listed below. You will be amazed by it as at this price point no one can give these features.

  1. You get 4 GB of Ram.
  2. 128 GB of onboard storage.
  3. 4000 MAH battery which can last for a day.
  4. 6- Inch 2560 X 1440 display so you can watch any videos easily.
  5. 21-megapixel camera to take photos with your loved once.
  6. 10-core Mediatek X25 processor.
  7. Dual sim support (both nano sim).
  8. Type-C connector for fast charge and fast data transfer.
  9. Fingerprint sensor.
  10. Android 7.1.1
  11. Front Facing camera. (Located in the bottom corner)
  12. The dual-camera at the back.

If you are interested in this phone, want to have a look at it you can visit this link and buy yourself one.

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