Xbox Series S Announced in India With Price & Release Date

Microsoft has announced about the new upcoming Xbox consoles. The two new consoles are making its way in the market and they are Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The officials have shared a post on social media and confirmed about the consoles coming in India.

Xbox Series S Priced at Rs.22,000 in India, Preorder start from 10th November

Xbox Series S Announced in India With Price & Release Date
Xbox Series S Announced in India With Price & Release Date

From both the console, most of them are waiting for Xbox Series X. However, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series S is now officially announced. It is the smallest Xbox ever than any other gaming console. Both the consoles will be launched on November 10 and the preorder of the device will be starting from 22nd September.

The price of the Xbox Series S is $299 globally which is around Rs.22,000 in India. However, no other details like specifications were given. We can just say that the console is coming soon.

The Xbox Series S will be a digital console, means there will be no optical disc slot. A maximum resolution for handling the game is of 1440p with 120 FPS rates. The variable refresh rate will be based on content, variable-rate shading and DirectX Raytracing.

You can store your games as there will be a 512GB SSD. It can upscale media content to 4K and the games which supports this can be upscaled for 4K TVs and displays.

Apart from Hardware, Microsoft has done great work on Software also. However, Microsoft has confirmed about the Xbox Series S with a price tag of $299. This console is 60% smaller than Xbox Series X.

The speculations about the Series S are that it will come with 4-teraflops of GPU performance. Xbox Series X will cost Rs. 49,990 in India.

And the price of Xbox Series X globally is revealed and it costs $499 (about Rs. 36,600) in the US, £449 (about Rs. 42,800) in the UK, CA$599 (about Rs. 33,400) in Canada, AU$749 (about Rs. 40,000) in Australia, and NZ$799 (about Rs. 39,200) in New Zealand.

In a Facebook post, the Xbox India officials have confirmed about the prices for both the consoles. And also the release date of the consoles is announced.

However, there is no information on where to preorder the console. So, once the details are out, we will update you.

The price of Xbox Series S in other countries will be in the US, £249 (about Rs. 23,800) in the UK, CA$379 (about Rs. 21,200) in Canada, AU$499 (about Rs. 26,600) in Australia, and NZ$549 (about Rs. 26,950) in New Zealand.

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