World’s Cheapest Electric Car Coming In India Soon

In India, pollution and population is a major problem. We do not have any idea about the population but we can solve the pollution problem easily. Already there are a lot of things people are doing to solve it. Next, there are possibilities that soon in India everyone will use Electric Cars for transportation so there will be lesser pollution.

In India currently, more than 60% are using petrol and diesel oriented vehicles. So these cars cause a lot of pollution in India. But now there are many companies that are trying to bring electric vehicles in India. Chinese automobile company Great Wall Motor is going to launch soon an electric car in India.

World’s cheapest Electric Car is Coming To India in February 2020

World’s Cheapest Electric Car Coming In India Soon

The Great Wall Motors, the Chinese company is ready to bring their electric cars to India. In India, this company will be partnering with Haval and Ora brands. There will be multiple models they will launch and the good thing will be that the cars will have inbuilt AI in it.

WorldWide people are shifting from normal vehicles to electric vehicles so here India is doing the same. It will take a lot of time for Tesla to come into India but Ora and Haval will get into India within 2020.

It seems that The Great Wall Motors going to launch cars at affordable rates. Currently, there are few companies that have launched electric cars in India but the prices of that cars are not affordable for any normal Indian. So if The Great Walls keeps prices a bit low they can get a good start in India.

There are some details which we have found online about ORA R1 are listed below, please check

  • On a single charge, this Ora R1 electric car gives a mileage of 351 km with its 35-kilowatt motor.
  • Under ORA brand there are three Electric vehicles R1, R2, and iQ. Ora R1 will also have connectivity and an AI(artificial Intelligence) feature. With this feature, the owner can wake up the EV car by saying “Hello, Ora”.
  • The top speed of the Ora R1 car will be around 100 kmph.
  • Free service will be provided by the company for three years for 1.20 lakh kilometres and eight years for 1.50 lakh kilometres.
  • In India, the expected price of this electric car is 6.23 lakh to 8 lakh.

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