Work From Home Hackers Make $130,000 In 48 Hours From Windows 10 Exploits

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the government has announced work from home to all the employees. Even at this time, the hackers are not stopping from breaking Windows and making bucks. Because of Covid-19, almost all people are working from home. Cities like New York, California, and Illinois have got orders to stay home.

In the UK, the Prime Minister advised people to work from home. From this work from home, there is one group that is not working on any financial help. The hackers’ group has just made $1,30,000 in 48 hours. These hackers have earned this huge amount by misusing Windows 10 and Adobe Reader.

Hackers Make $1,30,000 In 48Hours From Windows 10

Work From Home Hackers Make $130,000 In 48 Hours From Windows 10 Exploits
Work From Home Hackers Make $130,000 In 48 Hours From Windows 10 Exploits

The hackers are from Pwn2Own; it is a series of hacking events that test few of the talented hackers in the world. These security researches tried to misuse popular software, hardware, and servers from 2007. And they made money.

Last year, in November 2019, at the Pwn2Own Tokyo event, they earned a total of $315,000 with one hacking group who earned $80,000 as they hacked Samsung Galaxy S10. And there was another hacking group that earned $195,000 the team was Fluoroacetate, Amat Cama and Richard Zhu.

However, these master hackers were not scared of coronavirus travel restrictions and did not cancel the event of the Pwn2Own 2020 event, which was at the CanSecWest cybersecurity conference in Canada.

These hackers didn’t worry as the event went virtual. These events had different hackers who submitted exploits in advance to the organizers. After that, the organizers ran that code at a Zoom live stream with all the participants.

The team Zero Day Initiative who runs the Pwn2Own event said, 

 “The world right now is a tumultuous place full of uncertainty. It is communities, such as the security research community and the incident response community, that we can rely on during these trying times. We are so appreciative of all those who helped the event come together and succeed.”

However, the work from home hackers team Fluoroacetate won, the Master of Pwn title once again. And they also won a huge amount of $1,30,000. All the details of the exploited Adobe Reader and Windows 10 are not out for 90 days.

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