In this time of danger, one of the most important thing we can do is wash hands and maintain social distance. Apart from these things, the main thing is to stay away from the fake news of Covid-19. So, to stay away from misinformation, the World Health Organization is going to launch an official app for Android and iOS, which will give news of Covid-19.

World Health Organization To Launch Covid-19 Tips App For Android And IOS

WHO To Launch Covid-19 Tracing App For Android, iOS
WHO To Launch Covid-19 Tracing App For Android, iOS

So many people around the world have got Coronavirus. And the number of cases is increasing day by day. World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing to launch an app for Android and iOS, which will give tips to be safe from Covid-19 and will also give statistics of coronavirus cases in the world.

As per the reports, WHO is creating an app and Web platform which will give alerts, news, tips and all the information about Coronavirus. So, all of us will stay away from misinformation.

The name of the app will be a MyHealth App, as per the reports. Originally it was introduced by a team of experts. The group is planning to launch the initial version of the roadmap on March 30.

The app will be launched on March 30, and it will have all the information which is provided on WHO’s Whatsapp chatbot on Android and iOS. The content will be served in official languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Moreover, the app can come with “Self-triage” tools which will help the users recognize if the symptoms are matching to Covid-19.

Already, WHO is providing information about coronavirus on its website and also on Whatsapp chatbot. And now, it is going to launch a particular app for Covid-19 which will help to stay away from misinformation and will also help people to stay safe.


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