WhatsApp Web Update: To Allow Users To Make Voice & Video Calls on Web

Whatsapp Web will soon get a new version in which it will allow the users to make a video and a voice call on the web. Whatsapp is still working on this feature and will soon release it for all the users.

Now, Directly Make Calls From Whatsapp Web With the New Update

WhatsApp Web Update: To Allow Users To Make Voice & Video Calls on Web

As of now, you can only chat, send images or videos, and other things can be done on the Whatsapp web. Whatsapp is developing many other features for the messaging app, and this is another feature that will be out.

According to the reports on Wabetainfo, whatsapp is working on a new feature, “Calls.” In the coming weeks, Whatsapp will offer Voice and Video calls on Whatsapp Web. It has also shared some screenshots which show how the feature will work.

In the picture, you can see, when you will receive a voice call from Whatsapp web, a new window will appear where you can accept or decline the call.

Whatsapp Web update

And when you will call someone, there will be a smaller window which will show the status of the call.

Make calls through Whatsapp web

The reports on WaBetainfo says,

“We have already announced that WhatsApp was working on Calls. Today we are happy to announce new details, provided from the WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7 update!WhatsApp is considering the idea to offer Voice and Video Calls in the next few weeks, even if the development is in a beta-stage.”

Moreover, there are also reports that Whatsapp is working on a Whatsapp group voice and video calls for Whatsapp web. This feature is under testing as of now. So, in the coming weeks, first, we will get support for calls only. Later the support for Group calls will be out.

Whatsapp for Android and iOS already has support for making calls. But making a call from Whatsapp web will give you a different experience. Once the Whatsapp web is updated, we think the mobile devices will be used less.

Apart from this, Whatsapp is also testing other features like deleting any file like video, image, or GIF. It is also bringing a feature like Snapchat “Expired Media.” So, let’s wait when these new features are rolling out. We need to wait for the official announcement.

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