WhatsApp View Once Feature out for iOS & Android Users

Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature called “View Once” for all Android and iPhone users. It is a new disappearing photo and video feature where the users can send photos and videos that can be viewed only once.

Normally, whenever we receive any media on Whatsapp can be saved to a gallery. But if the other person sends any photo or video by enabling the View once feature, then you won’t be able to see that media again.

Now, Send Disappearing Photos or Videos on Whatsapp

Now, Send Disappearing Photos or Videos on Whatsapp

Photos and Videos shared by using the View Once feature will not be visible in the chat; even the receiver can’t forward it. But if you want to save that picture, you can either take a screenshot while you open it or can use a screen recorder while opening the app. The user does not know that a screenshot has been taken of that particular image. So, Whatsapp recommends you only send such media to trusted contacts only.

Moreover, if the recipient does not open the chat, then the media will expire within 14 days. The user won’t be able to see the photo or video that is sent using view once.

Earlier, the “View Once” feature was rolled out to iPhone users in India. And now Android users have also got the update of the new feature.

How to Send Disappearing Photos/Video on WhatsApp using View Once Feature?

As said earlier, the media content will not be saved if it’s sent through view once. The photos and video will expire if they aren’t opened within 14 days. Follow the steps to send media content through View Once.

  • First, update the Whatsapp app to the latest version.
  • Open the app and select a photo or a video that you want to send
  • Beside the caption bar, you will see a new icon, “1”, click on it and send the media.

Back in June, the feature was tested in the beta version, and now the feature is out for everyone. Since September 2020, Whatsapp is testing the feature View Once.

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