June 7, 2023

Whatsapp Update: Disappearing Messages Feature Arrives

Recently, we have seen a new feature in Whatsapp, “Dark Mode”. Another new feature called “Disappearing Messages” is discovered in the latest updates. This new update of Whatsapp for Android and iOS will automatically delete the messages after some time.

Disappearing Messages Feature Update Arrives In Latest Whatsapp Beta

Delete Messages” feature is out for some of the users on WhatsApp beta for Android in the 2.19.348 update. For now, the ‘Delete Messages’ feature is only available for groups. The messages will last for some duration and then they are deleted. As per the reports by WABetaInfo, the feature will soon be available for individual chats also. The feature is renamed to Delete Messages and is also seen on WhatsApp Beta for iOS. 

Disappearing Messages can be very useful in groups as there are many groups in which we get messages frequently. So, if the messages are not important once the work is over then it will automatically delete the older messages.

Whatsapp Update: Disappearing Messages Feature Arrives
Whatsapp Update: Disappearing Messages Feature Arrives

According to WEBetaInfo, the Whatsapp team has changed the plan on how the feature should work. For groups, it is like a “cleaning tool”. Deleting old messages from the group will save your phone storage. However, if you want to delete a message you can set duration in the group like 1 day, 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or you want to off. As the feature is still working for the individual chat, you can’t delete messages from the specific contact. If you want to delete then you need to create a group with that person and then you can delete the messages.

We don’t know any release date for Dark Theme feature and any other detail. Before its release, things might get changed.

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