WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Launch Delayed to May

After backlash, Whatsapp has announced that the new privacy policy launch is delayed from February to May. Due to the new policy updates, the most popular messaging app has faced massive backlash and millions of users have moved to other rival platforms like Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp Delays New Privacy Policy by Three Months

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Launch Delayed to May

Earlier, Whatsapp has announced that the policy change will come into effect on 8th February. It said every user has to accept the update, if not they will lose their account. However after this update, most of the users have stopped using the app as it said, the app is sharing the user’s data with Facebook.

After a huge controversy, the company clarified about the update and said it will not affect the user’s data. It will only address the business chats in the event with the customer service of the company’s app via Whatsapp.

In a blog post, Whatsapp said, to better communicate the changes of the new policy and privacy terms, it is going to delay it for three months.

 “We’re now moving back the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms.”

The company has posted a tweet and confirmed the delay of a new update to MAY 2021.

Earlier, this month, the Whatsapp users received a notification of preparing a new privacy policy and terms. The notification reads that it has a right to share some data of the user with the Facebook app.

Because of this notification, many users rush to other messaging apps. Telegram and Signal are the two apps which have got new millions of users in a short time after the Whatsapp new privacy update was announced.

Telegram app has got 25 million new users in just three days and 500 million monthly active users in January. On the other side, the Signal messaging app had struggled earlier but now it has topped the chart of top list apps on the Play Store and App Store. The signal app team has been working globally and is adding new features.

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