WhatsApp Working on new Feature ‘Mute Always’ To Mute Groups Forever

The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, is working on a new feature. This new feature will allow users to mute the Whatsapp groups forever. However, the “Mute Always” option is yet available in the Beta version. “Mute Always” feature option will be replaced with the option of muting group for one year.

Whatsapp Group ‘Mute Always’ Feature In Whatsapp

As per the reports on WAbetainfo, “mute always” option is now available in the Whatsapp beta Android version WAbetainfo shared a picture of the feature, where we can see the option of ‘Always’, which is replaced with a “one-year” option.

This means, now, Whastapp will allow you to mute the group chats and notifications forever. If you want, you can change the settings to normal. However, this feature is still under development.

WhatsApp Working on new Feature 'Mute Always' To Mute Groups Forever
Source: https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-beta-for-android-2-20-197-3-whats-new/

Always Mute, group feature will be important for all of them who are added to groups you didn’t want to be a part of. If the users select Mute Always options, then they will never get notifications from the groups. One can open the group and check the chats of the groups.

The Mute Always feature is under development, and Whatsapp is testing all the issues and fix it before it officially rolls out the feature for everyone. The feature is spotted in the latest Android beta version. All the Beta users can update the feature by updating the Whatsapp to the latest version.

Whatsapp is working on many other important features, including the multi-device support and advanced search mode.

The new features which will be coming to Whatsapp are:

  • Multi-device support
  • Self-destructing messages

New Features which came to Whatsapp are:

  • Animated stickers
  • QR codes
  • Dark mode for web
  • Video calls improvement
  • KaiOS gets updates too

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