WhatsApp New Feature: ‘Add to Cart’ Option Available

Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature, “Add to Cart,” for making shopping easier. The feature is live for all Whatsapp Business accounts. It is similar to other e-commerce online shopping site. You can order multiple things from Whatsapp Business with just one message.

Whatsapp “Add to Cart” Feature Live for Shopping

Whatsapp Cart feature launched

The “Add to Cart” feature is available globally for all users. While you browse catalogs offered on a business account, you can add items to the cart and then do order in a single message. Now, you don’t need to communicate with anyone before you order something, just add shopping items to cart, and you are done.

These days, most of people are using Whatsapp to sell their products. With the new update, Whatsapp is bringing a shopping experience to the app. I am sure everyone has done shopping from amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce sites, just like that, look at different products available on Whatsapp and place an order.

All the Whatsapp Business accounts will provide this button while the user is browsing the products. You can add to the cart and also remove items if you don’t want to buy, and you can also check out what items are added to the carts.

How to Shop using Whatsapp Carts?

Let us check out how to add items to the cart and do shopping from Whatsapp Business.

  • First, open Whatsapp and go to the business profile from where you want to order.
  • You will see a shopping button icon next to their name.
  • Check out the catalog and browse the products you want
  • Click on the product and tap on “Add to Cart.
  • Once you are done adding products, send it to the seller as a normal message.
  • Then you will see the details of your order in the chat window. You can click on the View Cart button and check your orders.

You can also edit your order before you confirm. So, first, check out the products you have added by clicking on View cart, and if you want to add more, then click on Add More or else browse the catalog and add products.

Once you are done with adding items to the cart, you can order the items in a single message. The message will go to the associated seller, and he/she will reply and confirm your order. You can also make payment via Whatsapp Pay.

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