WhatsApp Update: Mute Video Feature is Rolling Out for Android Users

Whatsapp has been testing a new feature called Mute Video that allows the users to mute videos before sharing them or before adding a status. This feature is similar to Instagram and Snapchat, where we can take a video and mute the voice before sharing it. Though, it is a small feature but is useful.

Now Mute Videos Before Sending or Uploading A Status

Mute videos on whatsapp

The popular messaging app has been updated and is now rolling out a mute button. While you capture a video, you can preview it before sending it. On this screen, you will see few editing tools where the mute button is also available. If you enable the button, the recipients will not hear anything in the video. As of now, this feature is rolled out only for Android users.

Whatsapp has announced the new feature by posting a tweet;

You might not see the feature now, but slowly everyone will be able to use it, just make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

How to use Whatsapp Mute Video Feature?

If you want to send a video to any of your contacts, but you don’t want to record the audio then use this feature Mute Video. Steps to use the Mute Video feature.

  1. First, open the app and go to contact whom you want to send the video, or if you want to mute status audio then go to the status screen and click on Add my status
  2. Click on the Camera icon or go to the Gallery
  3. Capture the video or select it from the gallery.
  4. Once the video is selected, Whatsapp opens a preview of the video
  5. At this time you can edit the video like add emojis, stickers, texts, and mute the audio.
  6. You will see a mute audio icon, under the progress bar of the video.
  7. Just click on it and proceed.
  8. Send the video to your contact or upload it as a status.

So, this is how you can mute videos before sending it to someone or adding a status.

However, Whatsapp is facing a hard time after they have announced the new privacy policy. Many of the users have switched to other apps like Telegram and Signal. Even the Government of India has asked Whatsapp to remove the new privacy policy.

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