The increase in the limit of group video call came when the whole nation is in lockdown. Finally, Whatsapp has announced that the limit of participants in a group call is now extended at 8 people instead of four people. The extension of the limit is announced for both audio and video calls.

WhatsApp increases group call limit, allows up to 8 people in group video, voice calls.

Whatsapp Increases Group Video Call Limit Up to 8 People: Check How It Works
Whatsapp Increases Group Video Call Limit Up to 8 People: Check How It Works

The increase in group calls limit is announced to make it easy for the users to communicate with friends and family. Whatsapp’s Will Cathcart has confirmed about the update and said it will be available to all the Android and iPhone users from next week.

In a separate message, Facebook said,

“WhatsApp calls are another way to stay in touch… Soon you’ll be able to have group voice and video calls with up to eight people on WhatsApp. As before, these calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. So no one else can view or listen to your private conversation, not even WhatsApp.”

The new update in Whatsapp has come when almost half of the world is under lockdown. And due to this COVID-19, many are away from their friends and family. And in this situation, apps like Zoom, Houseparty, Google Duo and other apps have become popular.

There are two ways to make a group calls on Whatsapp either start a call from a group or with the individual user, and then you can add more participants to the group call.

Start call from a group

If you want to start a video call from the group, then you must click on the call icon at the top of the group window. Now, add participants with whom you want to do a group call. Then click on voice or video call button at the top to start the call.

From an individual chat

This process is quite simple. Follow the steps and start individual group call.

  • First, open the chat window of the contact with whom you want to start a video or voice call.
  • Then tap on video or voice call icon.
  • Once you are on call, click on the “Add Participant” button and add more contacts to the call.
  • Repeat this up to seven times to add up to 8 participants.


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