WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: ‘Flash Call’ to Verify Phone Number

Whatsapp is working on a new feature called “Flash Call” that will help you to verify your phone number via call. At present Whatsapp sends a verification code via SMS text or gets code on call. As per the reports, the feature is under development.

Whatsapp Flash Call Feature Under Development

Whatsapp Flash Call feature (1)
Source: https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-beta-for-android-2-21-11-7-whats-new/

With this feature, Whatsapp will have two verification options, the first is the normal one verifying through SMS, and the second one is the new “Flash Call” feature by a verification call. The user can select “Continue” or deny “not now” to select the Whatsapp permission. If you select “not now” then the original process of verification code via SMS will be done. Whenever you switch to a new device or have re-installed the app, it will ask for a verification code of your phone number. So, when you will click on verify, you will get another option of “Flash call”.

This feature is currently under development and is not yet available for beta users also. It is not known yet when the feature will be rolled out.

How does Flash Call work in WhatsApp?

When you give permission to Whatsapp to see your call logs, the app will automatically verify your Whatsapp account.

There are many apps that verify phone number via call, it works like, the user will receive a call and gets disconnected on own and verify. Flash calls work the same as that only. The app will call you and it will end automatically.

Recently, Whatsapp has brought New Archive, a feature that lets you mute archived chats forever. The feature is rolling out for beta users and it will keep all annoying chats hidden. The new archive feature will keep the chat archived, even if you receive any message. When the archived chats receive a new message, the chats come out of the archive section and this annoys a lot, but not anymore.

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