WhatsApp Business Gets New Messaging Features

Facebook had its annual developer conference F8 Refresh on Wednesday. At this conference, the company has announced few new features for Whatsapp business API to get started and communicate easily.

Whatsapp has changed the Business API to make the onboarding in five minutes, earlier it was for weeks. All the new features will attract new businesses and bring them closer to the customers.

Facebook F8 Refresh Conference Announces New Features for Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp business new features

These new updates will mostly be helpful for small businesses to grow on social media. In a statement the company says,

”We’ve cut down the time it takes for businesses to get up and running from weeks to just five minutes. Whether a business wants to work with a business solution provider or get support directly from Facebook in the future, these improvements will make it easier for more medium and larger businesses to have customer conversations on WhatsApp.”

Whatsapp is improving on communication with the customers. Like, there was a time limit on sending notifications, and this made it difficult to follow the customers. So, now there is a support of many messages, that will help people to know when the item is back in stock.

New Messaging Features of Whatsapp Business API

The new messaging features include, there will be a menu of up to 10 options for responding. The Reply button will let the user select from the three options with a quick tap that a business can set the time.

Moreover, people need to reach out to each other to start a conversation or request them for business. With the update, people can give feedback of their experience much better and can also block a business if they have a proper reason.

All these features that rolled out will help businesses, and the users to connect with businesses. Recently, the company announced that the businesses can create and manage “Catalogs” from the desktop app and Whatsapp Web. According to the company the users have created more than 8 million catalogs around the world and 1 million from India.

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