We Transfer File Sharing Site Banned By Indian Government

The Indian government has banned yet another website. This time, one of the most popular file-sharing site We Transfer is banned in India. The reason for banning the website is “national security” and “public interest“.

Govt bans popular file-sharing site WeTransfer in India

We Transfer File Sharing Site Banned By Indian Government
We Transfer File Sharing Site Banned By Indian Government

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed the order on May 18, 2020. Internet Service Providers got the orders which said, WeTransfer and two other links will be banned under grounds of ‘national security’ and public interest’.

According to the reports, DoT issued a notice to ban three URLs. The first two notices were given to ban two specific URLs on the website, and the third one was sent to ban the whole WeTransfer website.

If you don’t know, then WeTransfer is a popular file-sharing website. There are millions of users around the world, but it is more popular in India. With the help of WeTransfer website, you can send files up to 2GB to the recipient’s email. It won’t ask you to create any account. It also has paid version which allows to transfer files of higher capacities.

However, the reason for banning the website in India is not yet out. As of now, the most leading ISPs have blocked the WeTransfer site for the user.s

This is nothing new, as in India, Banning anything is not new. In the past also there were many instances of banning have performed in the country. The VPN downloads have raised 405% as the government decided to ban adult websites. The government also prohibited games like PUBG mobile for CRPF troops.

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