Warning From Android: Delete these apps or Pay the Price

Android is the worlds most used the mobile OS. More than 80% of smartphones have an android OS on them.  Here it is not done yet. Now TV, Computers and many things are coming out with Android OS.

You Should Delete These Apps from Your Phone or Pay the Price

There is huge competition in android apps. There are many kinds of app stores available for android smartphones. Not only the google play store. So you can download apps from anywhere. There is almost no security for android apps.

So if you are using an android phone then you will have to delete these apps or you will have to pay the price. There are few issues with all of these apps that is the main reason why you have to delete these apps.

Recently, the security team at Barracuda Security found almost 200 apps that contained adware and suspicious device permissions. In total, these apps have over 4.6 million downloads. The security team said the apps are using a type of code, named “Soraka” and “Sogo” for getting Malware on your device. As per the security team, if someone downloads any app through any type of website or somewhat like promotion, then the adverts will get into the device.

The adware which is used was noted to be capable of hiding and making it harder to search by apps which are specially designed to detect the malware. While speaking to Forbes, the security team White Ops said, “fraudsters are getting smarter, they are trying to slow down analysis with tactics.”

White Ops has discovered around 116 apps which contains malware. White Ops urged Android users to remove these apps immediately.

The list of the apps to be removed are:

  • com.nice.mobile.mirror.hd

• com.nomophotoeditor.android

• com.non.stop.writing

• com.phone.lite.frame

• com.phone.mirror.pro

• com.pocker.pro.mobile.mirror

• com.prank.call.fake.ring

• com.phonecallmaker.android

• com.pro.test.noise

• com.puzzle.cute.dog.android

• com.scan.code.tool

• com.simple.days.counter

• com.sleep.comfortable.sounds

• com.sleep.in.rain

• com.sleepassistantool.android

• com.sleeptimer.android

• com.smart.scanner.master.nmd

• com.test.find.your.love

• com.test.fortune.tester

• com.test.lover.match

• com.tiny.scanner.tool.nmd

• com.wmmaster.android

• com.word.fun.level.english

• good.lucky.is.coming.hh

• mobi.clock.android

• my.lucky.goddness.today.test

• newest.android.fake.location.changer

• nmd.andriod.better.calculator.plus

• nmd.andriod.mobile.calculator.master

• nmd.android.best.fortune.explorer

• nmd.android.better.fortune.signs

• nmd.android.clam.white.noise

• nmd.android.fake.incoming.call

• nmd.android.good.luck.everyday

• nmd.android.location.faker.master

• nmd.android.multiple.fortune.test

• nmd.android.scanner.master.plus

• nmd.android.test.what.suitable

• photo.editor.pro.magic

• pic.art.photo.studio.picture

• relax.ezzz.sleep.cradle

• super.lucky.magican.newest

• test.you.romantic.quize

• well.sleep.guard.relax

• your.best.lucky.master.test.new

• com.ssdk.test

• bedtime.reminder.lite.sleep

• com.frank.video.call.lite.pro.prank

• com.personal.fortune.text

• com.daily.best.suit.you

• com.false.call.trick

Now you have to decide that you are going to delete these apps or you are ready to pay price. If you are okay to risk the security of your phone then you can keep these apps with you. We recommend you to delete these apps and install alternative apps. There are alternatives available for all of these apps.

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  1. I do not have any of the apps listed, yet my phone is infected. I had already deleted some apps because my service provider said apps were causing the ads to pop up. How do I stop this?


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