According to the reports, more than 80Percent desktop users and 8percent of Android users were unable to access their Twitter accounts. It looks like Twitter is not working for many users. All Twitter users are getting difficulty in using Twitter on their desktops.

Twitter is down for a lot of India, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia users 

Twitter Is Down For Desktop Users In India, Japan, Malaysia, And Indonesia
Twitter Is Down For Desktop Users In India, Japan, Malaysia, And Indonesia

On Friday, 13 March, most of the Indian Twitter users experienced difficulty while accessing the Twitter website. And as per the reports, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines users have also got the same problem while using the website on their desktop.

So, many users reported that they are unable to access Twitter on desktops as well as Android smartphones. Most of the users are desktop users, and 8percent are from Android devices. Twitter went down in the morning, and it is said that Japan is the most affected country with this problem.

The information about Twitter down comes from outage metric platform Downdetector website. It also shows that Indian users from Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru were most affected in India. However, all the desktop users got a message from Twitter which says, “Do not panic”. Still, there are so many users complaining about the problem on Social media and saying Twitter is not working.

However, Twitter has not reported anything about the issue. Even in Mid-February, Twitter went down in India and users were unable to post tweets for a few minutes. There is no solution to this problem. You just need to wait.


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