Twitter Respond On Cyber Attack Breach, Says Hackers Targeted 130 Accounts

The details on Twitter accounts hacked in a bitcoin scam are now coming out. On Wednesday, the hackers took Twitter and posted a tweet on Bitcoin scam for asking money and paying back double. The messages were sent from all high-profile accounts.

The Hackers In Bitcoin Scam Targeted 130 Twitter Accounts

130 twitter accounts were targeted
Twitter Respond On Cyber Attack Breach, Says Hackers Targeted 130 Accounts

However, the company has revealed something after investigating the matter. It says, the hackers targeted approximately 130 accounts in the bitcoin scam. For some time, the attackers got access to post a tweet on the high-profile accounts on Twitter.

If you don’t know then, the twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian and others accounts were hacked.

Now, the main question is that, whether these hackers took any other control like DM’s of these accounts? There is nothing to worry as Twitter said,

 “We are continuing to assess whether non-public data related to these accounts was compromised, and will provide updates if we determine that occurred.”

The users were allowed to reset their password even though their twitter data is still disabled.

Here is what Twitter said,

Twitter revealed that the hackers targeted 130 accounts in the cyber-attack. The world’s most famous people’s accounts were hacked, but no other details like passwords were stolen.

The company said, the hackers are still unknown but got control of those accounts and sent tweets.

In history, Twitter is fighting with the worst security breach. Hacking these accounts was a part of a “coordinated social engineering attack”. This allowed hackers to get access to their accounts. Because of this, Twitter temporarily blocked verified accounts from sending tweets.

Still, the company is investigating the matter of how the attack was made, and the hackers did not disclose any other details from the accounts. Before the U.S elections also there were some cybersecurity experts to guess that the attack made more evil campaign to steal the data.

However, the investigation of this matter is still going on.

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