TikTok Removed Two Dozen of Accounts Spreading Terrorism

If you think TikTok is safe from any threats then it is the right time to change your mind. Although, there is no doubt TikTok is loaded with cringe content but as per the information from Storyful, a leading social media intelligence of Ireland, Islamic State propagandists love cringe content and are trying to exploit the TikTok app.

As of now, two dozen of Islamic State propagandists accounts have been terminated from TikTok who posted videos asking the viewers to join their terror organizations featuring the Islamic State anthems and footage of corpses and ISIS fighters.

Although, it is still not crystal clear about the presence of ISIS on TikTok but the account that were spreading terrorism have been terminated by the TikTok team. Facebook, Google share a database of Known terrorist imagery which can be removed automatically as soon as it is detected.

As of September, Facebook has removed more than 26 million pieces of content that was spreading terrorism over the past two years. Meanwhile, ByteDance, parent company of TikTok has still not given any insights about how much content related to terrorism has been removed from their platform.

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