This Unpatchable Exploit “Checkm8” Can Jailbreak any iOS device

Checkm8 is an exploit that advantage of a flaw in Apple’s BootROM which can allow Jailbreaking devices that are running iOS on A5 to A11 chipset. This flaw affects devices from Apple iPhone 4S to X which is still used by many people. A security researcher named as axi0mX released the exploit late Friday.

‘Checkm8’ Unpatchable Exploit Can Jailbreak Any iOS device

Evolution of iPhones.

This Exploit cannot be fixed by any sort of Software Fix as the exploit was found in the ROM, so it can’t be fixed unless a hardware revision is made and recalling millions of device is next to impossible. The best part of this exploit is that this cannot be performed remotely as it requires the device to be connected by a USB to perform the exploit.

What is JailBreak: 

Jailbreak is a method of privilege escalation to get around any sort of software restrictions provided by Apple. The active community of Reddit exists in r/jailbreak which has tutorials and people who specialize in jailbreaking iOS devices. Jailbreaking an iOS device allows customization, installing applications by bypassing the AppStore and allowing carrier unlocks.

Cydia on iPhone
Cydia on iPhone after jailbreak

With the arrival of checkm8 exploit which hasn’t been made into a tool yet, so you cant download and jailbreak any iOS device. But when this exploit is weaponized for nefarious reasons it can be used to get around iCloud locks, can allow hackers to gain unprivileged access to your phone. The possibility is just endless.

Millions of iPhone devices are affected by the exploit: any device starting with an iPhone 4S (A5 chip) through the  iPhone X (A11 chip) is vulnerable, although it appears that Apple patched the flaw in last year’s A12 processors, meaning that iPhone XS / XR and 11 / 11 Pro devices won’t be affected.

It’s too early to see what kind of issues Checkm8 will bring for the Apple iOS users but the only way to escape this exploit is to move to devices that use the A12 and A13 chipsets or if you want to get crafty and want to finally make use of an old iPhone then here is your chance to either upgrade or experiment.

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