Telegram Update : Schedule Message and Much More Details Here

In 2013 Telegram was introduced to the world. At that time people were not aware that how they can use telegram. But, Now people are using telegram like all other social media apps. Telegram has become the biggest rival of WhatsApp in today’s time.

There are a lot of features that make telegram stand out from other social media apps. If you will use telegram instead of WhatsApp you will get a lot of advantages. This is not enough telegram has launched some new features which will help telegram users to make their tedious tasks easy.

Telegram Rolls Out New Update Check Details Here

Telegram Rolls Out New Update Check Details Here
Telegram Rolls Out New Update Check Details Here

Schedule Messages

Now you can schedule the messages so you do not have to worry. Once you schedule the message it will get delivered on time. Already you can do it via third-party apps but now you can do it easily with telegram only.

Improved Location Sharing

The user can share the exact location directly by tapping on the venue on the map.

Create your own theme

The new update has got Theme Editor 2.0. It allows the user to change the background colour, theme, and also the message view colour on their apps.

Send messages when online

In this feature, the user can schedule a message, which he/she will receive whenever they are online.

Other Specific OS Features


  • Switch On the Night Mode from the Menu screen
  • In night mode Maps automatically turn dark
  • New Animations
  • Select and copy a part of a message instead of copying the full message
  • Share content to different people at the same time when sharing from other apps
  • Mark archived chats as read instantly
  • contact sending screen and video resolution selection is redesigned


  • In the app only, adjust the size of all text
  • Choose a browser in which external links open
  • Press and hold on icon to switch accounts
  • View used storage, available space and clear cache.

The new update on Telegram is now available on both Android and iOS devices. Windows and Mac apps also got some new features on this update.

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