Telegram Update: 5 New Features Added – Details Here!

The telegram messenger app has announced a few new features in its latest update. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is doing work from home, conversations and meetings are being done virtually. As the usage of apps has increased, all the apps are updated with new features. So, the messenger app has also got updated. Let’s check out the unique features of Telegram.

Telegram Launches Search Filter, New Emojis, and more

Telegram added new features in the latest update
Telegram added new features in the latest update

Telegram said these features would make the app safer than before. These features will be helping in managing the shared content.

Here is the list of features added to the Telegram app.

In the latest update of the telegram, five new features are added. Here they are:

1. Search Filter:

The search filter will let the users search for a specific message from the past. Six different categories are available Chats, Media, Links, Files, Music, and Voice Messages. And if the user wants to search for a message from a particular time, then he/she should enter a date and the name of the person, group, channel, or a bot.

2. Channel Comments:

Now, you can comment on a post of any channel. The new feature called Channel Comments with channel button is added on channels with discussion groups. One can send comments through voice messages, stickers, and GIFs. And the Admins can set a limit or block the comments if they want to.

3. Anonymous Admins 

With this feature, the Admins of the groups can hide their identity. The messages which are sent by the admin will be shown in a group’s name. However, this feature is also available in the Telegram channels.

4. Profile Picture

Now, you can easily view any profile picture by pressing and holding any display photo in the group chat.

5. Animation

For all the Android users, a few animated pop-ups are added. These pop-ups will be seen while deleting messages, saving media, or changing notifications. Moreover, you can easily hide or expand the keyboard. The day and night mode can also be changed quickly from the left menu.

Apart from this, Telegram has also added some of the new emojis for everyone to share with their contacts.

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