Microsoft Surface 3 to be equipped with AMD

October 2nd is going to be a Christmas come early for all the Microsoft fans that love Surface laptops and the Surface Laptop 3 is going to be a beast than its predecessor.

As per Ronald Quandt, who works for Winfuture, says that the new Microsoft Surface 3 Laptops are going to be AMD Ryzen powered. The new 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen’s hexa and octa-core processors that are wicked fast. After the previous squabble between Intel and Microsoft, this power move will assert dominance over Intel and its new SkyLake processors.

As per the pricing that was leaked, the 15-inch laptop for 8GB RAM equipped with Ryzen 5 3550U is $999 and the one Ryzen 7 3750U is $1099. The pricing  Hexacore and Octacore ones will be with 12 GB RAM and 16GB RAM will be as follows $1,599 and $2,399. 

AMD doesn’t have any Mobile Processors

As per the common knowledge, Ryzen has no Octacore and HexaCore processors present, If these rumors are true then it may be a joint launch of AMD and Microsoft.

Surface Laptop AMD

If these are up to eight-core x86 processors with AMD “Zen” cores, which work with a configurable TDP between 25 and 55 watts and reach clock rates of up to 3.1 GHz. These chips come with no integrated graphics unit, so that Microsoft in the more expensive versions of the Surface Laptop 3 15 may, as in the Surface Book 2, on an additional graphics card sets.

The new generation of Surface Laptops is going to be more powerful and slimmer than the last generation ones. After the move from Intel to AMD is one of the best moves that Microsoft has done this year.

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