Today, Spotify released its iOS 13 update that allows Apple users to command Siri to play albums and playlists using voice commands. SiriKit integration for audio apps was only for Apple Music before iOS 13 made its entry; this new integration of Spotify with Siri makes it stand out from the rest of its rival music streaming services.

Siri’s Integration With Spotify Can Now Let You Play Music Using Voice Commands.

The new feature can be used after updating the Spotify app from the app store. Once updated, ask Siri to play a song/album/playlist with Spotify. The new update also gives you hand-free control through CarPlay.

As per the release notes from Spotify regarding the latest update, Siri integration works with iPhone, CarPlay, AirPods, and HomePod via Airplay. There are still some issues with HomePod in recognizing songs and albums upon request, but we hope the problems will be fixed in the upcoming iOS 13.2 update for HomePod.

With this new feature, you can now ask Siri to play an album on Spotify or play the latest song by a specific artist name on Spotify. The default music app is still Apple music. Therefore, you will have to take Spotify’s name while requesting Siri to play a particular track or album; otherwise, Siri will, by default, launch Apple Music even if it is not installed on your iDevice.

Spotify's Latest Update For iOS 13 Brings In A Lot Of Exciting Features
Source – 9to5mac

The new update also introduces Data Saver mode that can detect low data on the network and activate data saver mode, by decreasing the audio quality to low.

Spotify makes a Debut on Apple Tv App

Also, Spotify is coming to the Apple Tv app for the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, today. It is now available to download on the tvOS app store. We have also attached screenshots of the Spotify Apple Tv App, initially posted by iCulture.


Spotify's Latest Update For iOS 13 Brings In A Lot Of Exciting Features
Source; iCulture
Spotify's Latest Update For iOS 13 Brings In A Lot Of Exciting Features
Source: iCulture

The Spotify app for TvOs might not be available for some regions as of now, but you can search for it later. Moreover, this new update will surely help Spotify to expand in the field of music streaming.



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