Soon Government Will Allow In-Flight Wi-Fi Service In India!

Soon all the fliers in India can use Wifi in the flight. Indian Airline may provide Wifi in the plane for all the passengers. All the domestic flights will now get Wifi after the permission is approved from the pilot-in-command. You can use the device in flight mode as the government has finally issued an official notification.

Flying smart: Wi-Fi on flights allowed, the government notifies new rules

Soon Government Will Allow In-Flight Wi-Fi Service In India!
Soon Government Will Allow In-Flight Wi-Fi Service In India!

Indian airlines are given permission to provide in-flight Wifi service to all the passengers as the government has issued an official notification. Two years ago, the department of Telecommunications confirmed the permission for Internet and mobile in the Flight. This thing will help the airline to collect more income and will also help the telecom industry to earn more.

According to the reports, first, the service can be slightly expensive.

However, Vistara Airlines has done a partnership with Tata group company for Wifi services in flight. And this is expected to be the first airline to roll out the service soon. Vistara, Tata and Singapore Airline can be the first domestic Airline to provide Wifi connectivity in India.

The Government issued an official notification from the Civil Aviation Ministry, and it says,

“The Pilot-in-Command may permit the access of Internet services by passengers on board an aircraft in flight, through Wi-Fi on board, when a laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, e-reader or a point of sale device is used in flight mode or the airplane mode.”

The announcement also has, The Director-general should certify the aircraft for the usage of the internet in flight. Moreover, it is said that the aircraft shall be considered to be in the flight when all the doors are closed. In the latest notification, the government said that it does not get any suggestions or objections from the public.


At present, the Wifi service in flight is only available for defence personnel.

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