Sony Boosts PS5 Production By 50 Percent In 2020!

Sony PlayStation 5 will be launched worldwide in November, and the price will be $499. According to the reports, Sony is ordering 50% more consoles than it had originally planned. Sony Boosts PS5 Production to Nine million.

Sony Boosts PS5 Production To Nine Million In 2020

Sony Boosts PS5 Production By 50 Percent In 2020!
Sony Boosts PS5 Production By 50 Percent In 2020!

According to the reports in Japanese Press, the company was going to produce around Six million consoles this year. But now, the figure reaches to nine to ten million consoles as the company has decided to order 50% more consoles.

Due to coronavirus, there is an increase in demand for at-home entertainment, so the publications have decided to raise the console. If Sony can sell this much of PS5 consoles at the end of this year, then there will be a major increase on its predecessor. In November 2013, PS4 was launched and was sold through 4.2 million units at the end of the month.

According to Nikkei, Facebook is ramping up the production of Oculus VR headsets. It also has a similar goal of up to 2 million headsets at the end of this year. This will be 50% growth on the output from 2019. The company will start the mass production for a new headset in this month.

However, buying Gaming hardware has been difficult at this Covid-19 pandemic. So, most of them prefer to buy it online. The same thing has happened with Oculus, and its Quest headset has been sold out frequently as soon as it is restocked.

On the other side, Nintendo has got difficulty on demand for the Switch and its home fitness game Ring Fit Adventure. In the second half of the year, there will be major launches happening, so there is no surprise that the platform owners will make sure that there is enough stock on their platform.

However, Sony has not announced the launch date and the price of PS5 officially. But according to the tweet posted by Tom Henderson which says the price will be $499/£449 and it will launch on Nov 20 worldwide, Nov 14 in Japan.

But this can or cannot be true. Only Sony knows when PS5 will be coming out and what will be the price of the console. Whenever it is ready, the pre-orders will start.

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