June 7, 2023

Skype Launches “Meet Now” Feature For Video Calls: No Sign Up Needed

Skype is the oldest video conferencing app. However, now Skype has launched a new feature named “Meet Now“. This feature allows you to do video calls, and it does not ask for Sign Up. It can create a link for meeting and share it among the users.

Skype introduces video meetings with no sign-up needed 

Skype Launches "Meet Now" Feature For Video Calls: No Sign Up Needed
Skype Launches “Meet Now” Feature For Video Calls: No Sign Up Needed

Skype has introduced a new type of video call where you don’t need to sign up to create an account and to join the chat. It is similar to the Zoom app, but on Skype, the host also does not need to sign up or install anything.

The “Meet Now” feature by Skype is a hassle-free way to connect with each other. This new feature does not require sign up or download. Just go to the web page and start meeting directly from there by inviting anyone.

And for all those who already have Skype downloaded in the device, you all can start the meeting from the software itself. Just invite your existing skype contacts or those who don’t have skype installed invite them also.

The meeting does not expire, and there is no limit to the video call. There are in-line chat and reactions, and you can blur the background if you want. Also, you can share a screen for work or any other purposes. If you wish to record the phone call, then you can record it. The recordings will be stored for 30 days.

If you want to start Meet Now in your browser, then visit this site or visit your skype client and click on the Meet Now button which is next to New Chat at the left-hand side.

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