“Shorts” App By YouTube To Take On Tik-Tok

From the last two years, Tik-Tok app has become the most popular app to create short videos. There are millions of users of TikTok app, and now YouTube is bringing a new platform to take on Tik-Tok. YouTube is also a popular app, but you can’t create a short video on it. So, YouTube is working on a new platform called “Shorts” which is similar to TikTok.

YouTube Plans To Take On TikTok By Launching The New App “Shorts”

"Shorts" App By YouTube To Take On Tik-Tok
“Shorts” App By YouTube To Take On Tik-Tok

Youtube “Shorts” app will be available for both iOS and Android. The end of this year will launch the new platform. Shorts will be similar to TikTok, which will allow the users to create a short video and upload it. However, it is not a separate app, as “Shorts” will be available inside the YouTube app only.

According to the information, Youtube is working on a new platform, and Youtube will be the home for the “Shorts” app. All the users of shorts app will get an advantage as they can use licensed music which is available on Youtube. Choose audio music and use it to create a video.

However, when YouTube was asked for confirmation on this news, they said, “they don’t comment on speculations and rumours.”

This is not the first time that Youtube is copying other apps feature. Earlier also, the app revealed the Stories feature like Snapchat and Instagram. As per the news, Facebook is also working on a TikTok like app named Lasso.

TikTok is a china-based app which has got success in just four years. It is the most downloaded app in the world, which has more than 700 million downloads.

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