WhatsApp may Soon let you Send High-Resolution Videos

Whatsapp is finally working on a feature that will allow the users to select video quality before sending them. This means, soon you will be able to send high-resolution videos to other users.

At present, the messaging app has few limits while sending videos in high-quality. The video that are sent in high-quality are compressed and sent as a document.

Now, Send High-Resolution Whatsapp Videos in Three different Quality Options

Whatsapp Video quality update (1)

Soon, this will be changed as in the upcoming update the company will let the users to select the quality options while sending the videos.

According to WABetaInfo, the Android beta version shows a feature that lets you change the default video-quality while you send it to anyone. At present, we can’t customize the video preferences under the “Storage and data” menu, but soon we will be able to change it.

In the latest beta version we can see three new options for video quality, “Auto”, “Best quality”, and “Data saver”, before sending any video, the user needs to select the compression option from the given three.

The “Auto mode” option, allows the app to automatically detect the best compression algorith for the videos.

If you select the Best Quality” option, then Whatsapp will send the video in the best quality. This option is the one we all are looking for, as the video shot is high-resolution will be send in that specific mode with the help of this option. The last option is Data Saver, with this, Whatsapp will compress the videos before sending.

With all the three new options of video upload quality, the best one is “Best quality”. It is an exciting and something of which many users will definitely love it.

This feature is currently under development and will be available in the upcoming update. There is no information on when the feature will be rolling out in stable version, as now it’s in beta.

Whatsapp is also developing other feature for voice messages. It is called real-time waveforms, it reveals that whatsapp will start displaying real-time voice waveforms when you record a new voice message.

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