In Australia, bushfire has scorched land, killed people and wildlife, polluted the air and destroyed acres of forests. This is nothing there are a lot of other issues going on because of bushfire only. To help all these people and the country, many people are trying to donate. But from USA Kaylen Ward has raised more than 100K USD for Australians.

A Nude Model Kaylen Ward Who Raised Thousands For Australia Fire Relief

By Selling Nudes This Instagram Model Raises $100,000 For Australian Bushfires
By Selling Nudes This Instagram Model Raises $100,000 For Australian Bushfires

You will not belive, but this is the truth that this lady Kaylen Ward has raised more than 100k for a donation towards Australia fire relief. Kaylen Ward, A 20-year-old girl, introduces herself as The Naked Philanthropist on social media.

Kaylen Ward told BuzzFeed News that, “I saw all the posts on Twitter about the Australian fires and I was concerned there wasn’t a lot of media coverage and not a lot of people donating,”

She had already sold nudes online a lot of time. But this time she thought to do this for charity. She started selling nude at the price of 10$ each. She never knew that this would get the good response she just planned that she would be able to raise only 1000$. But she already managed to make 100k USD.

Kaylen Ward Said:

“I was expecting to raise maybe $1,000 but the tweet blew up,”

Someone sent me $5,000, so I’m sending 50 pics and videos.

She is also complaining that many people are trying to scam her with fake payment proofs and some people are distributing her photos for free.

Recently if you see her tweet, there are more than 40,000 retweets on it.

Now she has kept a unique team of four people who are helping her out for thousand of DM’s which she has received. The team is verifying the payment, and once it is done, she is sending the photos as she promised in the tweet.

When she tried to do the same thing via Instagram, they have deactivated her account instantly.  As we all know, Instagram has very much strict security. So without wasting any time, Instagram has taken action against her post. So she has created a new Instagram account.

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Hi guys! I’m going to keep this account until I get my old account back and then I will use this one as a backup!

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