Recently there was some vulnerability got reported in Apple products, In that hackers were allowed to access microphone and webcam from safari browser. As reported by Wired, The HackerHacker can quickly gain access to iOS devices.

Hacker finds out a security flaw in Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks that gives access to webcams

Security Flaw In Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks that gives access to webcams
Security Flaw In Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks that provides access to webcams

In March updates, IOS users needed to do was to open a malicious link once to allow hackers to snoop in remotely. That means that any hacker can quietly activate camera and microphone, Not only that Hackercan click images, Record audio and shoot videos too.

This vulnerability could let any hacker use your iOS device to do multiple things. Hacker can easily use your camera and microphone on all iOS devices which are listed below.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook

In the Safari web browser when you give individual permissions to any website, it applies to the variations of that website.

Ryan Pickren said, “Safari encourages users to save their preferences for site permissions, like whether to trust Skype with microphone and camera access.”

Pickren is a security researcher who found out about the vulnerability and informed to Apple.

He added,

“So what an attacker could do with this kill chain is make a malicious website that from Safari’s perspective could then turn into ‘Skype’. And then the malicious site will have all the permissions that you previously granted to Skype, which means an attacker could just start taking pictures of you or turn on your microphone or even screen-share.”

For example, If you have permitted After that, the hacker will create a particular URL like fake:// using this vulnerability that trick safari in a similar way.

Pickren said

“Part of this is that some of the bugs were really, really old flaws in the WebKit core from years ago. They probably were not as dangerous as they are now just because the stars lined up on how an attacker would use them today.” 


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