From few years we have seen a lot of company has launched their own smart speakers. Or we can also say AI-powered smart home speakers. That helps you to do some task with ease and it also does not cost a lot of money.

We have seen that very first Amazon launched its Alexa and Google has launched its Google Home. After that there are few more company did it but the two companies are leading in the market are Amazon and Google. But now to compete with then Samsung is ready to launch.

Samsung plans to launch its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker Soon

Samsung to launch its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker Soon
Samsung to launch its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker Soon

It’s been over one and a half year, Samsung showed its Bixby-powered Galaxy Home smart speaker. From that time the smart speaker was getting delayed and at last, it came at the top of Q3 2019. However, at that time the company also announced the Galaxy Home Mini though public in South Korea.

The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini uses Samsung’s Bixby assistant to control IoT devices smartThings platform. Also, it uses sound technology from the AKG audio brand of Samsung.

However, still, the release date of Galaxy Home Mini is not scheduled. As per the reports, the company will yet decide whether the smart speaker will be selling it in the least. As of now, they are focusing to get them cheaper and smaller Galaxy Home mini smart speaker.

Samsung might release the Galaxy Home Mini speaker in early “2020”. If this smart speaker hits the market in “2020” then the smartphone industry will be at a different place in 2020 than it was in 2018. Alexa and Google assistant has massively become so popular.


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