Samsung electronic giant has closed one of its Smartphone factory in South Korea after a worker got effected by the CoronaVirus. The disease Coronavirus has affected China a lot and many people are killed. We don’t need to give much introduction to Coronavirus. And now because of the disease, a Samsung smartphone factory is closed in South Korea after one of the workers tested positive.

Worker Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Samsung Shuts Smartphone Factory in South Korea

Samsung Shuts Smartphone Factory In South Korea Due To Coronavirus
Samsung Shuts Smartphone Factory In South Korea Due To Coronavirus

In South Korea, one of the Samsung factories is shut in South Korea after a worker got affected by Coronavirus. This news was confirmed by the Yonhap news agency.

The factory which is shut is in Gumi, close to Daegu. At this place only most of the cases of coronavirus has been confirmed. Last month also the company was closed after the coronavirus case was discovered.

As per the reports on Yonhap, the factory where the employee worked will be reopened on Tuesday. However, Samsung did not give any comment on this.

The company official said, “We have yet to decide how long the plant should be closed. “But we will take every necessary step to protect our workers.”

Apart from this news, Amazon also confirmed that two employees in Italy, Milan have caught coronavirus. The company spokesman said, “they are supporting the affected employees who were in Milan.

Amazon said it was unaware of any US employee who was effected to coronavirus. Amazon told to all the employees not to travel unnecessarily within US and out of the US. On Sunday, the company said they are taking interviews in a video instead of calling the person to the office.


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