June 6, 2023

Samsung Patent Application reveals AR Headset Design

A new design patent application filed by Samsung shows the new design for a new AR headset that looks similar to Apple’s AR headset.


Samsung AR Headset
Samsung AR Headset Render

The Galaxy Club was the first to spot this patent, which was first to spot the February 1st application, notes that the headset features two screens, and one image shows a cable running down its right arm.

Unfortunately, since this is a design patent, we don’t get any technical details about the device itself, leaving the lone render as the most exciting part.

Samsung AR Headset Patent
Samsung AR Headset Patent

Samsung is not the only major phone manufacturer that’s thought to be working on an augmented reality headset. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had recently predicted that Apple will launch its own augmented reality headset early next year, and one piece of documentation for iOS 13 contained an apparent reference to the unannounced hardware.

While the fact Samsung included a 3D render is unusual, it doesn’t mean the company is any more likely to release the pictured device than with any other patent application we’ve seen in the past. Still, the timing is interesting. After years of trying to position mobile VR as the next big thing, most smartphone companies, including Samsung and Google, have given up on the medium. Just this past summer, Note 10 became the first Samsung flagship to not support the company’s Gear VR headset. The company also hasn’t released a new Gear VR headset since 2017.

The reveal of this has made many tech enthusiasts excited when this launches next year which is rumored.

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