Samsung Invests In Mobile Display Plant In India

South Korean giant Samsung has been one of the top smartphone contenders in the world, it has also been on the lead in the Indian market a few years ago. Well now,  if not on a lead, still, the company has remained one of the best smartphone companies here in India. Now the South Korean giant is said to invest a hefty chunk of money to set up a display plant in India. Let’s take a look at the details.

Everything You Need To Know About Samsung’s Display Plant 

Samsung Invests In Mobile Display Plant In India
Samsung Invests In Mobile Display Plant In India

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According to a filing with the Registrar of Companies, the company will invest in about $500 million on the display plant which is going to be set up at Noida, New Delhi.

To recall, in 2018, the company had invested $700 million in Noida and was considered as the biggest mobile manufacturing plant in the world.  Now that the company is investing more $500 million is an expansion to it.

In the past, the company stated that they wished to set up a display plant here in India as they firmly believed that the consumption will increase once they set up.

It is also a smart move by the company as it will be enjoying the tax benefits and can also compete with other top smartphone manufacturers in the country. The biggest threats for Samsung are Xiaomi and Realme which nowhere seems to stop, and with the Indian productions of displays, the company can be economical from now on.

Other than this, the company’s displays are the primary advantage of any of its smartphones. The company also sells displays to the third party making the company save more as it can now locally produce the displays at a lower cost here in India.

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