Samsung Admits It Leaked Personal Data Of 150 Users!

The tech giant Samsung has admitted that it has leaked personal data of 150 users. The data was leaked because of the “Find My Mobile” notifications error. Last week, all the Samsung Galaxy users got a strange notification from Find My Mobile app around the world. The notification has only the number “1”. That time, Samsung said, the notification was sent accidentally at the time of internal testing and will not affect your device.

Samsung admits to leaking personal data of around 150 users


The South Korean tech giant Samsung has agreed around 150 users personal data was leaked because of the “technical error”. Last week thousands of Galaxy owners got a notification from the “Find My Mobile” app. Samsung said that another glitch occurred at the same time, which results in a ‘small number’ of users. They were able to access information of other Samsung users like names, address, and also last four digits of their cards.

When the users got a notification on their device, they posted on Reddit and Twitter that they are getting a push notification on the Samsung phone which says “1/1”. The company said that both the issues are entirely different and it occurred at the same time after that Samsung clarified that the leak happened due to a technical error on the UK website and it affected 150 customers.

A spokesperson from Samsung said, “A technical error resulted in a small number of users being able to access the details of another user.” As soon as they were aware of the error, they removed the ability to log in to the website till they fix the issue.

Any other details about the leak are not out yet. And the Spokesperson also said that they would contact the users who all will be affected by the issue.

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