The FBI has accused Russian Hacking Group Evil Corp. in charges of Bank Fraud. This group is the mastermind for many hacks that have been comprising of the Bank and National Security.

Russian Hacking Group Evil Corp. accused by FBI for Bank Fraud 

The Russian hacking Group Evil Corp has been behind various banking frauds, wire transaction frauds, and several counts of Intentional Damage to the computer, i.e. hacking.

Drixdex Malware
Drixdex Malware

The Group was accused of making the banking malware Dridex, sometimes known as Bugat or Cridex. The malware was designed to automatically steal financial and personal information on computers it infected, explicitly targeting online banking credentials. The malware then developed into ransomware. The malware had hit two banks, four companies involved in petroleum, a building materials company, a firearm manufacturer, and a school district.

Wanted Poster for Maksim Yakubets
Wanted Poster for Maksim Yakubets

After these accusations, both Maksim Yakubets, aka Aqua, and Igor Turashev have been charged by the FBI and have a $5 Million Bounty on their heads. This is the biggest ever bounty by a Federal Entity on a Hacker.

“It’s simply inconceivable that an organization like this can steal that amount of money from that money places using distributive malware like Dridex without the Russian government being well-aware of those activities”, As per a senior official from the Treasury.

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The indictment can be read on this website. Russian Intelligence has denied any claims of being involved with this group.


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