Ring Cameras Are Getting Hacked Easily By Password

Nowadays everyone is using security cameras to protect their home, shop and other belongings. But what if we tell you that these security cameras are getting hacked very easily. Yes, In the USA the well-known security camera maker companies cameras are getting hacked very easily by password only.

Hackers Accessing Ring Cameras By Cracking Password

Even though these cameras are helpful for security, it has been hacked by hackers. The hackers are cracking the passwords from customer’s accounts from Ring.com and accessing it anonymously. From the past one week, currently, more than three families have become the culprit. The culprits have used the voice function to conduct prank on these families.

In Tennessee, someone accessed the Ring Security Camera of a family and used the voice feature to talk to an 8-year-old girl. They told the girl that he was a Santa Claus also the hacker tried to provoke her to destroy her room.

Even in Texas, one family was targeted when the alarm suddenly went off at midnight, and hackers demanded 50 bitcoins. The owner Tania Amador told to WFAA, that for a while it was very scary to hear a threat from the camera. The person was watching and we don’t even know from how long the hacker was doing.

How to protect your security camera?

If you also have a ring camera or any other camera which you are using for security purpose then you must have to follow these steps to protect your security camera from hackers.

  • Secure your Wifi with WPA2. Few routers support WPA3 encryption, so check whether it is turned On
  • Update the camera firmware frequently
  • Change the default password
  • Turn Off those router features that you don’t use.

Ring, which is owned by Amazon is blaming that the hackers who have used past data of all the customers and used it to hack the ring security cameras. And the company also said, there was no data breach all the accounts are hacked because of the weak security.

Chances of getting hacked are high if your account is not secured. To secure all user’s account ring is sending emails so they can keep two factors authentication on their accounts. If you are also using any kind of security camera you should put two-factor authentication or just try to keep a unique username and password.

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