In India, the fastest growing telecom network is Jio we all know that very well. Who does not remember offers of Jio which they have given in past? Jio has given more than one-year free internet to its users. Like that now also Jio has launched Happy New Year Offer.

Reliance Jio launches 2020 Happy New Year Offer with 365 days validity

Reliance Jio New Plans: Happy New Year Offer with 365 days validity
Reliance Jio New Plans: Happy New Year Offer with 365 days validity

Reliance Jio has launched a new plan for 2020 new year. Here we have few details about new plans for Jio. Jio has announced 365 days validity in the new plan.

Happy New Year’s offer is giving 1.5 GB data per/day and 12000 minutes for 365 days. The minutes are available for jio to non-jio customers. Jio to Jio is free unlimited minutes. This plan’s price is 2020 INR. 

If you do charge every three months, it will be 555 INR. So it will be 2220, so there is a difference of 200 INR if you buy this plan. So if you are a regular JIO user, then you can get this plan for your self.

Now telecom industry in India is like the stock market. Everything is changing so quickly. So it is always your choice to get this plan or not. If you buy this plan you will have to use JIO for next one year or your money will go waste.

Airtel and Vodafone have launched the same plan for around 2400 INR. So there is 400 INR difference if you go with Vodafone or Airtel. But there will be no limits for calls. You can have true unlimited calling with Airtel and Vodafone.

In against of Jio Vodafone and airtel has also launched new plans. They are also offering almost the same things for the same price. If you are a user of Jio, then you can go with this plan else your operator is also providing the same plans in the same rates. Currently, there are only three operators in India.

Many people have tweeted about these plans that there is no guarantee of telecom companies. That, anytime anything can be changed, and there are high chances of this as we have seen in the past few years. From 1 GB per month to 1.5 GB per day From 199 INR for 1 GB to 199 INR for daily 1.5GB. 


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