Realme Buds Classic Earphones to Launch on 18 August

Realme Buds Classic wired earphone is set to launch tomorrow at its event. At the event, along with side Buds Classic earphones we will also see the two handsets Realme C12 and Realme C15. These two handsets are the addition in Realme C-series.

Realme Buds Classic Earphones with 3.5MM Connector Launching Tomorrow

Realme Buds Classic Earphones to Launch on 18 August
Realme Buds Classic Earphones to Launch on 18 August

This is a new pair of earphones by Realme which is launching in India on August 18. Realme Buds Classic earphones can be the third set of earphones by Realme. Earlier, the company has launched Realme Buds and Buds 2 as a wired earphone. So, with this new earbuds, the company is targeting more customers with a low price of earbuds.

The banner of Realme Buds Classic can be seen on the official website of the company with the launch date. However, the banner only shows the picture and the launch date. Except for the photo, no other details about Realme Buds Classic is out.

The CEO Madhav Seth has teased the earphones. The images of the earphones show that it will offer a 3.5mm jack connector. According to the listing on Amazon, the Buds Classic will have 14.2mm large drivers, and it is said to have a heavy bass. The earphones will have two colour options of Black and White. These earphones will also offer in-built single-button remote. The price of Buds Classic wired earphones can be under Rs.500.

According to the reports, we can guess Realme Buds Classic earphones will have rounded ear tips. Nothing is revealed except the banner which shows the design of the wired earphones. We cannot tell if the headsets will be neckband earphones or not. However, it does not have the silicone ear tips, which can be an issue.

The ear tips are extra rounded without silicone tips, which is an excellent design over Buds 2. As if you use earbuds with hard plastic tips, then you might not be comfortable if you want to use it for a long time. But, Realme Buds 2 does not have this issue as it has an in-ear design with silicone ear tips.

These earphones will be launched on 18th August at 12:30 PM at an event. Buds Classic earphones will go on sale on Amazon.

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