PUBG New State Hindi Version Spotted, Might be Launched in Future

Recently, the PUBG New State game is announced which is a successor of the most popular Battle Royale Game PUBG Mobile. As of now, PUBG New State has become the talk of the town, as the game is set in the year 2051 with futuristic maps. The upcoming game is developed by Krafton, the makers of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State India Launch, Hindi Website Found

PUBG New State India Launch

Earlier, there was no news of the game coming to India. This happened because PUBG Mobile is already banned in the country. Even the makers have said that there are no plans yet to launch the PUBG New State in India. But, as per the latest reports, a Hindi version is found on the official website code. The PUBG New State shows the website code where it shows there might be a Hindi version of the game, which means the game will release in India also.

This new information comes from Instagram, a gaming blog named GemWire posted on Instagram and alleges that the source code of the game’s website has a provision for Hindi.

The post says,

“Recently, with no pre-registration available for India, China, and Vietnam, there was certain uncertainty of whether the game would be available in India. Inspecting the website files shows us that there is a transcript file for Hindi hidden. The support for the Hindi language which is predominantly spoken in India suggests that it might make its way to India sooner or later [sic]”.

There are no announcements made by the publisher on launching the game in India. Even there is news that the Hindi language site also has a full-script Hindi translation, so it might be getting ready for the official decision on India launch.

However, now the Hindi Language Webpage and content are internally disabled, and the reason is around the issues of the PUBG Mobile ban by the Indian Government.

PUBG New State is a different game, now we need to see if the Indian ministry gives clearance or not to bring the game.

PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular games of all time in India. However, it got banned in the country due to privacy issues with other 250 Chinese apps.

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